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Removing LUNs from A Solaris Host

Here is a procedure for removing LUNS from a Solaris host.

If you are removing LUNs without a reboot, this is required, regardless if the LUNs were ever used.
This should be the first thing you do if you need to swap out storage and reusing LUN numbers.

Show the device name for both paths and the group/host info:
#vxdisk list c2t50060E800570E276d15s2 | egrep ‘group|hostid|state’
group:     name= id=
c2t50060E800570E276d16s2        state=enabled
c3t50060E800570E266d16s2        state=enabled

Hostid and group need to be blank

Disable path’s in veritas (make sure you are using the correct device)
vxdmpadm -f disable path=c2t50060E800570E276d16s2
vxdmpadm -f disable path=c3t50060E800570E266d16s2

Disable paths in OS drivers

luxadm -e offline /dev/rdsk/c2t50060E800570E276d16s2
luxadm -e offline /dev/rdsk/c3t50060E800570E266d16s2

Clean up devices, it should display messages for removing the device files

devfsadm -Cv
vxdisk scandisks

Run vxdisk list one last time time verify they are gone


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