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Hide Local disks from Veritas

After receiving a frantic call one night when one of my colleagues initialized both disksuite mirror boot disks on one of our M5000s, I decided that it would be safer and much cleaner to mask all internal storage from Veritas.

Here is a quick way to do it.

vxdmpadm getctlr | grep scsi | awk ‘{print $1}’ |xargs -I {} vxdmpadm exclude vxvm ctlr={}

I don’t believe this works with versions prior to 5.0MP3 and you may want to run vxdmpadm getctlr | grep scsi by itself first to make sure it doesn’t accidentally disable any legacy direct attached scsi storage you may have.

BTW, if you have accidentally initialized your drives with Veritas but have not created any volumes, there is hope.

Veritas is very smart and if it detects or suspects there was data previously on the drive, it will write the private region to the end of the disk. For most that is where swap is located.

For us, all we had to do was recreate the label and apply with fmthard and we were able to bring the system back online.


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