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HP-UX equivalent of LOFS

HP-UX doesn’t have a native tool for mounting image files like Solaris.

However, you can psuedo get the same functionality by creating a logicial volume, dd the image onto it and then mounting it

mkdir /isoimg
lvcreate -n ISOLV -L 3096 /dev/vg00
dd if=isoimage of=/dev/vg00/rISOLV bs=8192
mount -F cdfs -oro,rr /dev/vg00/ISOLV /isoimg

Just make sure that the logical volume is big enough to hold the entire image.


One response to “HP-UX equivalent of LOFS

  1. kdknigga January 26, 2011 at 10:25 pm

    I figured out this trick about six months ago and it changed my life. While it is kind of annoying not being able to mount ISOs natively, this gets close to making up for it.

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