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Displaying Zone resource utilization on Solaris 10 with zonestat

A while back I discovered the extremely useful zonestat script for giving dashboard view of the resource utilization across all zones in a system.

Here is a sample of the output from one of our M4k hosting some Oracle zones.

root@testserver # /admin/zonestat_1.4.1.pl -Nl
Zonename    | IT| Max| Cur| Cap|Used|Shr|S%| Cap|Used| Cap|Used| Cap|Used| Cap|Used
    global    0D        32  0.0  0.6   1 25      252M  18E 121K  18E 3.2M  18E 808M
orazone-01    0D        32  0.0  0.0   1 25       21G  18E  0.0  18E  21G  18E  23G
orazone-02    0D        32  0.0  1.9   1 25       26G  18E  0.0  18E  26G  18E  29G
orazone-03    0D        32  0.0  2.2   1 25       22G  18E  0.0  18E  19G  18E  25G
==TOTAL===== --- ----   32 ----  4.8 --- -- 103G  90G 103G  67G 103G  65G 103G  78G

The VirtualMemory fields is extremely useful on systems which host java applications, as they tend to reserves huge amounts of VM while having a relatively small RSS.

This is usually one of the first utilities I run if I’m trying to track down a memory/swap or cpu issue on a global zone.

It was written by Jeff Victor and unfortunately the project page is gone.

However, I have posted a copy for download here

4/11/2013 – Updated with new link for zonestat script.


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