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Uberjs on Solaris 10

For maintenance of my Solaris 10 images I have gone with the simple approach of maintaining one profile that works for all versions and architectures.

It is simply a profile that starts with SUNWCXall and then removes and adds packages back in and has worked consistently for various Solaris versions since u5. When a new update comes out, I just update the profile for packages to add/remove and re-check.

This is in contrast to having to generate and manage flars for every hardware type and os revision.

Since my provisioning strategy depends on Jumpstart profiles and not Flars, I have had a solid dependency on RARP/DHCP/PXE for provisioning.

I have no control over the DHCP/PXE on my subnets, so I updated Uberjs to work on Solaris 10 so I can provision x86 and Sparc systems when I didn’t have a local jumpstart server.

I post my process for building the jumpstart cd’s for Solaris 10 sparc and x86


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