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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Using VEA with Veritas 5.1

Although I use the GUI less and less these days, I occasionally will use it for quick provisioning of cfs storage.

In version 5.1 Symantec stopped shipping VEA, instead guiding users towards their SFM Console.

I would be interested, but was turned off after I found out there was the possibility of system outages due to a bug it triggers in cfs. There are patched versions, but apparently this is present in the client that is in the 5.0MP3 versions, which Is have widely deployed.

By default, the vxsvc daemons are disabled, to enable them run:
svcadm enable vxsvc

The Gui itself can be downloaded at:

Click on
“Veritas Cluster Server Java Console, Veritas Cluster Server Simulator, Veritas Enterprise Administrator Console”

After logging in, you will come to a page with the clients for Cluster Manger, Simulator and VEA for the various platforms.

Note: you may need to click on that link again, after logging in.