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Recovering from prtdiag hanging on CMT boxes.

Occasionally I will run into a situation on my RAC clusters (and systems with Sun Connect) where I will see and hundreds of prtdiag processes hanging in the process listing. This will cause the system load to just explode.

I have seen this occur on T2000’s and T5120’s.

You could run pkill to clean them up, but that won’t fix the problem.

The problem is that PICL is hanging and this is fixed by restarting it with:
svcadm restart picl

After restarting picl, all the prtdiag processes should complete.


One response to “Recovering from prtdiag hanging on CMT boxes.

  1. Bimal August 3, 2013 at 9:35 pm

    Solaris 10 prtdiag hanging.
    In order to fix this stop and start picld.

    # svcs -a |grep picl
    online Feb_11 svc:/system/picl:default

    # svcadm -v disable svc:/system/picl:default
    svc:/system/picl:default disabled.

    # svcs -a |grep picl
    disabled 10:39:37 svc:/system/picl:default

    Wait about a minute…
    # svcadm -v enable svc:/system/picl:default
    svc:/system/picl:default enabled.

    # svcs -a |grep picl
    online 10:40:49 svc:/system/picl:default

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