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Lucreate failure on S10 u10 with Zones with legacy mounts

Despite having updated my baselines to Solaris 10 update 10, I have been limiting the upgrades of my existing servers to update 9 due to a nasty bug in update 10 where it is unable to create a live upgrade environments if you have any ZFS data sets with legacy mounts assigned to a non-global zone.

If you try to create a liveupgrade environment, you might get a error similar to the following:

Mounting ABE .
ERROR: mount: /zones/testzone-01/root/legacy: No such file or directory
ERROR: cannot mount mount point device
ERROR: failed to mount file system on
ERROR: unmounting partially mounted boot environment file systems
ERROR: cannot mount boot environment by icf file
ERROR: Failed to mount ABE.
Reverting state of zones in PBE .
ERROR: Unable to copy file systems from boot environment to BE .
ERROR: Unable to populate file systems on boot environment .
Removing incomplete BE .
ERROR: Cannot make file systems for boot environment .

This appears to be bug 7078384 which is fixed in 121430-68 ( http://wesunsolve.net/patch/id/121430-68 )

This patch was released in November, but hasn’t made it into Recommended Patch Set yet.

On my test server, after applying this patch I was able to create and activate my BE’s, even the ones with zones with loop-backed filesystems.

Now I can finally fully use live upgrade on my hosts with local zones.


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