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ILOM Quick Reference

Now that alom Mode has been eliminated with the T3/T4 platforms, ILOM mode is it going forward.

While I think alom is easier to remember (IMHO), it does now provide a interface that is consistent across sun platforms and i’m sure there are some other good reasons for going this direction.

Here is a quick reference for common task on the ILOM.

There is also a nice cheat sheet provided by Oracle for iLom Basic CLI Commands

Power On/Off/Reset system 

start /SYS
stop /SYS stop -force /SYS

reset  /SYS

Start console

start /SP/console
start -script /SP/console
start -script -force /SP/console

Updating firmware

load -source tftp://
load -source

Configure Network

cd /SP/network
set pendingipaddress=
set pendingipnetmask=
set pendingipgateway=
set commitpending=true

Sending a break

set /HOST send_break_action=break

Turn on/off Locator LED

set /SYS/LOCATE value=Fast_Blink

set /SYS/LOCATE value=off

Force PXE boot on reboot

set /HOST boot_device=pxe

Force Cdrom boot on reboot

set /HOST boot_device=cdrom

Setting the boot script

set /HOST/bootmode script=“boot net – install”

Get the Host macaddress (sparc)

show /HOST macaddress

Get the Host macaddress (x86)

show /SYS/MB/NET0 fru_serial_number

Show console Logs (display last 2048 lines)

set /SP/console start_from=end
set /SP/console line_count=2048
show /SP/console/history

to display all lines

set /SP/console line_count=0
show /SP/console/history

Additional diagnostics (x86)

set /HOST/diag state=enabled

Additional diagnostics (sparc)

set /SYS keyswitch_state=diag

LOM Version


System firmware revision (sparc)

show /HOST sysfw_version

System Bios Version (x86)

show /SYS/MB/BIOS fru-version


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