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Configuring ODM devices in a Solaris 11 Zone

I was happy to see that Symantec supplied a IPS repository for Storage Foundation 6.0pr1.

I was disappointed to see that the documentation for installed and enable Storage foundation for Solaris 11 zones was incomplete and didn’t work.

After digging through the documentation and performing a little troubleshooting, here is the procedure for installing and enable ODM support for Solaris 11 Zones.

1. The first step is to add the IPS repository as a publisher &  install the packages, then unset the publisher

root@testzone: # ls
VRTSpkgs.p5p  info
pkg set-publisher -P -g `pwd`/VRTSpkgs.p5p Symantec
pkg install --accept   VRTSvlic VRTSodm VRTSperl

If you are using the Zone with VCS, you can also install the 3 VCS packages specified in the install docs

pkg install --accept   VRTSvcs VRTSvcsag VRTSvcsea

Unset the publisher

pkg unset-publisher Symantec

2. Now we will update the zone configuration to add the lofs mount for the veritas license files, the odm device mapping and then the adding permission to the zone to make a odm mount. You will want to reboot the zone after this step.
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