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Easily add log output to any shell script

I wrote this script a couple years ago for the purpose of being able to better track and save the output of my build scripts during the jumpstart process.

I was looking to create a easy way to have my script output to go to both the console and a log, without having to make extensive changes to all of my scripts.

The script works by creating new file descriptors and re-mapping stdout and stderr.

Here is a download link for log_include.sh

It can be added to any script by sourcing it at the top of the script.

if [ -f /admin/include_log.sh ]; then
    # Adds script logging output
    # run pre_exit prior to exiting/rebooting to close log and reset stdout/stderr
    . /admin/include_log.sh

By default this will write to the default log directory specified in log_include.sh.

When sourced in the file, it will immediately output to a default log directory with a log file named by the call script and date:

Saving output to /var/sadm/system/include_log/solaris_qa_082712_2318.log

Optionally, variables can be set in the calling script prior to sourcing to modify the logging behaviors:


_PIPEFILE – Specify name of Fifo file, defaults to /tmp/${Script basename}.pipe-_${date & time}
_CONSOLEOUT – Write output to Console in addition to stdout (no effect if running on console)
_CONSOLEDEV – Path to Console Character Device on System
_LOGFILENAME – The full path name of output log file
_LOGDIR – The directory to use for writing logs to, defaults to _DEFAULT_LOGDIR variable
_LOGFILEBASE – The base part of the filename to use, default is to use the calling script name

This should work in both Linux and Solaris

Prior to exiting your scripts, you will want to call the pre_exit function will close the log file and reset stdout/stderr


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