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Monthly Archives: September 2014

NetApp multiple SSH sessions trick

Here is a quick trick I have found useful for when I need to keeps tabs on the realtime performance of my NetApp arrays.

7-mode only allows you 1 interactive ssh session.

However, you can launch many more non-interactive ones.


ssh testnetapp “stats show -p hybrid_aggr”
ssh testnetapp “stats show -p flexscale-access”
ssh testnetapp “priv set diag; wafltop show -i 10”


Quickly displaying WWN for a AIX server

Here is a quick 1-liner for displaying the adapter name and WWNs on a AIX Host

# lscfg | awk '/fcs/ {print $2}' | while read hba; do printf "$hba "; lscfg -vp -l $hba | grep Net | cut -d. -f14 |sed 's!\.!!g;s!\(..\)!\1:!g;s!:$!!' ;done
fcs0 C0:50:76:xx:A0:xx:yy:08
fcs1 C0:50:76:xx:A0:xx:yy:0A
fcs2 C0:50:76:xx:A0:xx:yy:0C
fcs3 C0:50:76:xx:A0:xx:yy:0E

Enabling Solaris 11.2 Kernel Zones whith VMWare Fusion

Here is a quick trick if you are looking to test out Solaris 11.2 Kernel Zones with Vmware Fusion.

I’m fairly sure that this trick will also work with the other VMWare products.

Out of the box, if you attempt to install a kernel-zone brand zone, you will see the following error:

# zoneadm -z myfirstkz install
Platform does not support the kernel-zone brand.
zoneadm: zone myfirstkz failed to verify

Running virtinfo confirms it:

root@s112test:/dev/lofi# virtinfo
NAME            CLASS     
vmware          current   
non-global-zone supported

1. First thing is that you need to be running i5/i7 generation processor that will support nested paging.
2. Shutdown your VM and then go into the container/folder for the VM and modify the .vmx file and add the following to the bottom:

vhv.enable = “TRUE”

3. Save the file and then restart your VM
4. Verify Support with virtinfo:

root@s112test:/dev/lofi# virtinfo
NAME            CLASS     
vmware          current   
non-global-zone supported
kernel-zone     supported

5. If you have accepted the default drive size of 16GB in VMWare Fusion, you will want to add an additional drive and create a new zfs pool for zone as the default rpool size is too small for a kernel zone and the zonecreate will abort during the zone creation.