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Creating a 2 Drive Raid4 root aggregate with NetApp Clustered Data Ontap

Dedicated raid-dp root aggregates for each node of a Clustered Data ONTAP cluster can really eat up the drives on a small system like a FAS2220 and can seem especially wasteful since the only unique information on the drives is the logs.

Here is a little tip I got from NetApp for setting up a 2 Drive Raid-4 Root Aggregate.

By default the system will build a 1+2 raid-dp aggregate, this can be slimmed down to two drives by converting the aggregate from raid-dp to raid-4.

This can easily be done through editing the aggregate in system manager or via the CLI

::> storage aggregate modify -raidtype raid4 -aggregate aggr0clus1_01


Running on a 2 disk Raid4 root aggregate is supported and is explicitly mentioned in the Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 Physical Storage Management Guide.

This can also be reversed through the same method, but instead of specifying raid4, you will specify raid_dp


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