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About Me

I live in San Diego California working as a Infrastructure Architect specializing in Unix systems, clustering, and SAN/NAS storage.

In my career I have worked with many different flavors of Unix, and all flavors have their place.

Aside from Computers and Electronics, my interests include circuit design, video games, pinball, and embedded programing.

As with all things in Unix, there are multiple ways to handle the same task. Some are technically more correct than others. However, my way works for me. If you see a better way to handle a task or see a bug, feel free to add comments.

All scripts and tips I give in are use at your own risk and if used in improperly could cause system outages, corrupted data, lost sleep, and angry significant others.

If you do use one of my scripts, please keep the header giving me credit and add notes for anything you’ve added. If you send back the changes and if I like it (and can test it), I will update my copy and credit you.

Jonathan Flaster

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