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Quickly displaying WWN for a AIX server

Here is a quick 1-liner for displaying the adapter name and WWNs on a AIX Host

# lscfg | awk '/fcs/ {print $2}' | while read hba; do printf "$hba "; lscfg -vp -l $hba | grep Net | cut -d. -f14 |sed 's!\.!!g;s!\(..\)!\1:!g;s!:$!!' ;done
fcs0 C0:50:76:xx:A0:xx:yy:08
fcs1 C0:50:76:xx:A0:xx:yy:0A
fcs2 C0:50:76:xx:A0:xx:yy:0C
fcs3 C0:50:76:xx:A0:xx:yy:0E