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Customizing Your Solaris 11 Auto Installer builds using a first boot script

Unlike Solaris 10, there are no equivalents to finish scripts with Solaris 11.

What is done instead, is to create a script which is installed as a IPS package during the install and run on firstboot and then removed.

Oracle outlines this here

I will be going over the process, giving the example from my site and going over adding it into your AI manifest.

The first thing you will need to do is create the firstboot SVC manifest and the script itself.

The manifest is described here:

And the logic behind the first boot script here:

As with all things unix there are multiple ways and philosophies for how to manage build scripts.

For my Solaris 11 baseline, I choose to write a first boot script that determines my closest package repository and then mounts and copies over my directory of admin scripts.
It then runs a script called frist_boot_config.sh. This script actually does all of the work on the first boot. Some could argue that it may be better to have all the work done in original script run on boot and then version the IPS package, but I was looking to keep things simple and consistent with my previous builds and easy to update, especially while I was refining my Solaris 11 baseline. I might move it into the one script in the future.

The general flow to my System build is:
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